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I don't know why but though it's a very short SFM it's really entrancing and I can't stop watching it.

Klei Entertainment Presents

That's a very fine piece of animation! You should surely make a finished animation, I really want to see your skills in action.

"I understood though that Newgrounds' users usually prefer long, badly-drawn but funny/silly/brutal animations, so I think I'll try to make one soon just to test it out."

That's not true at all. There's a variety of users who likes a variety of content. There's people who likes bad drawn while there's the ones who like animations where it has put a lot of effort (Though I think everyone likes good drawn animations = P).

And there's people who like funny, silly and brutal animations, as they like musical, romantic and adventurous animations as well.

What really decide if they like or not depend on their likes and dislikes, and the effort you put on your work.

Good luck on the next animation!

Khud0 responds:

Thanks for your reply!

Yeah, of course, people are different and I'm always going to keep my animations up to my standarts no matter how many "stars" I get here. But it's just worth testing out for fun :)

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I loved this game! I didn't really know what to expect at the beginning but it turned to be a cool puzzle game. Was pretty fun to see myself get stuck on some parts that turned out be much easier than I thought :P

I got to beat it until the game but I didn't found anything that would be like a secret area. Any hints?

AlexSavander responds:

Really glad to hear you enjoyed it!!! I really appreciate you giving feedback as well : )

Also the secrets are veery well hidden, just try to look out for sparkles appearing when beating secrets or something similar ;) (they don't always appear, since the secrets were a bonus last addition we made, so think of them as hidden easter eggs)

There's some several problems for playing in computers. When you use the arrow keys, the page scrolls at the same time the spaceship moves. The mouse doesn't do anything but move the spaceship by clicking in the arrows in-game. The sprites are fine. Some sound effect could fit pretty well.

It seems it would work great in Android, but besides everything it's just a simple space shooter. Try add up some new stuff next time if you would like to. If this is your first time making a game, you did a good work, but try better next time.

ridinfree responds:

Thank you for responding. I will remap movement to W and S keys to prevent screen scrolling and as you guessed this was built for Android but having some exporter issues so thought I would share here for some feedback. Was built as a simple first game and will definitely be putting more time and effort into the next one.

Well, this is sure the last thing I would except a song of mine be featured on.

Anyways, the game seems very simple. You used coding from a tutorial site, so I suppose you're still on coding. The visuals are funny, and I kinda like it, mainly the business men with Angry Faic.

There's not so much to say about it, just a generic shooter. If you're going to make other game again, check out for ideas that you can come to make your game be different of any others, adding some power-ups or different gimmicks maybe.

The only challenge here is find the so said dog. I think I'll try it!

That's 2 stars for you, but with some improvement you can double it! Also, thanks for using my song in your game, it's the first time something do this with one of my songs!

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Thanks for doing it for me <3

ConstipatedNugget responds:

No problem my dude :)

Great stuff right there! I liked how you made it Megaman themed since he looks to love Megaman series.

Good job!

ScepterDPinoy responds:

Thank you. I'm sure he loves making Megaman fan art! ;)

And then Pac-man had a surprise and both died. The end.

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