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That's a very fine piece of animation! You should surely make a finished animation, I really want to see your skills in action.

"I understood though that Newgrounds' users usually prefer long, badly-drawn but funny/silly/brutal animations, so I think I'll try to make one soon just to test it out."

That's not true at all. There's a variety of users who likes a variety of content. There's people who likes bad drawn while there's the ones who like animations where it has put a lot of effort (Though I think everyone likes good drawn animations = P).

And there's people who like funny, silly and brutal animations, as they like musical, romantic and adventurous animations as well.

What really decide if they like or not depend on their likes and dislikes, and the effort you put on your work.

Good luck on the next animation!

Khud0 responds:

Thanks for your reply!

Yeah, of course, people are different and I'm always going to keep my animations up to my standarts no matter how many "stars" I get here. But it's just worth testing out for fun :)


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After having playing so many games lately, I thought I would never get to play a new game again that had the feeling that old flash games had. This one had this feeling and I enjoyed the game very much.
I didn't do well the first shift, it takes a while to understand what to do even with the tutorial (I think broke something in the tutorial and had to reset the game. Good to know it has a sort of save feature!), but once I got the hang of it the game was pretty fun.
Will definitively want to play again sometime, the characters and dialogue is what makes this game really stand out.
Welcome back to Newgrounds!

Oddly entertaining for the sounds alone, you can make a little cool beat with it

Incredible game! Very creative use of the chess pieces. Looks like the only time I will ever promote the pawn to knight

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Simply funkalicious.
My favorite from yours so far!

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l o n g
Looking very sweet! You really improved since the last time I saw your art.

ConstipatedNugget responds:

Thank you dood!

It always feels very good to find these old flash games again... It's almost like finding out that the friend that you believed they were dead was actually alive.
Well done :)

Nature and nighttime city landscapes are my aesthetics, and combined with animation you just created the prettiest pixel art I've even seen in my entire life, for real.
Thank you!

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